Website Design

Businesses in York Region can choose me because I can openly demonstrate creativity and experience. You will find Nick’s the place to whom you can instil your trust. From the moment you contact, you will find friendly and helpful advice and offerings that fit your objectives and budget.

Why choose a Website Theme?

A Website Theme is a web design that has already been created. There are thousands of superb designs to choose from, whether you are looking for a WordPress or WooCommerce website design! I will of course help you choose a Website Theme that you like. They can then customize or modify elements of your chosen Website Theme to make it fit in perfectly with your requirements.

By choosing a Website Theme you will not compromising on how your new website looks and feels. The great advantage of using a Website Theme is that you save money and your project has a quicker turnaround. That’s because you are reducing design work. Now you understand why Website Themes have fast become a Number 1 choice for many businesses!

How Web Design should be!

With York Region’s newest web design company you can expect…

Choice of Web Design

Choose to have your website custom designed, or we’ll use a Website Theme you like.


Watch your Design come to life

You’ll have your own private online area to view your website’s progress.

World Class Content Management Systems

I will integrate your new website with your choice of either WordPress and WooCommerce.

A Performance Ready Website

I will build your website to be extremely search engine friendly.

Professional Imagry

Your site will use real images that showcase your services and/or products.

Management and Maintenance

I can manage and maintain your website.


Domain name, Canadian Hosting & SSL

Manage your online name and security inclduding certificates, domain registration and hosting.