Network Connectivity

Your network needs to stay reliable in order to access the cloud-based resources that businesses are using at an increasing rate. Network support includes services such as traffic prioritization, traffic monitoring, web filtering and router/switch maintenance.

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With my diverse experience, I have the distinct advantage of having a wide range of experiences to draw from when working to resolve difficult situations. Chances are, no matter what your problem is, I have seen it at least once before.  You get the benefit of having an experienced contact without having to spend years and untold resources developement your own Information Technology deparment.

With over 15 years experience in providing personalized and innovative solutions, Nick is your technology expert you can reply on!  Rest assured when you have an issue, you have one phone number and one email address to remember.  Having Nick as a contact not only gives you access to help but access to someone who cares.

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When you choose me to help your business, you gain access to an experienced person…


Network Monitoring

lmplement network monitoring on key internet based services to ensure functionality.


Network Design, Installation and Mesh 

Ensure your network is optimized for the best performance, top-notch security and ensuring each device is always connected.